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Writing on the Road



I’ve had to learn over the past few years to be a mobile writer. Car trips, RV trips, plane trips…and they’re all so different. Sadly, taking my lap desk on the plane doesn’t work very well, but most planes have those lovely fold-down trays that are lovely desks and double as a place to fold your arms up and sleep when you get tired.  In the RV and cars, space is at a minimum.

So how do I do it?


Well, in the RV it is pretty simple. I take my massive lap desk with me (it takes up a lot of space but I love the crazy thing) so I can sit in the chair, on the couch, or in the passenger chair. I can’t write very well in my bunk because I am too close to the ceiling and can’t sit up. Also, I do a lot of writing at the table.

In the car (sorry, no pictures to go with this one), I also take my lap desk along. I slide it under my seat when not in use.

Plane travel is a little more difficult. Thankfully, my computer fits in my backpack perfectly…there is even a designated computer pouch, Taking my lap desk is out, because it doesn’t fit in my backpack. The fold-down desk works well while on board the plane, but not so much during long layovers in the airport. In the past, I’ve taken my science books to set on my lap (those Apologia ones are massive) or, if my backpack isn’t too lumpy, I’ll set that on my lap to boost my computer up.

Another thing I struggle with while trying to write, whether at home or on the road, is distractions. ;)  In battling that, I’ve found that listening to music through headphones helps drastically. Headphones are important because it blocks most of the outside noise (when you have 6 siblings this is quite important). Listening to soft, classical piano works very well for me.


People enjoy taking pictures of me when I’m not paying attention. Lovely, huh?  Actually, I think this is a look I get frequently when I’m “writing.”  :)


IMG_8783 (1)

(Yes, I stuck the camera out the window to get this photo (and the one at the top of the post).  Let me tell you…if anything felt wrong, sticking an expensive camera out the window is definitely it!)


This photo doesn’t really fit this post at all, but I thought you might enjoy seeing what a circus we look like. Want to know something even funnier? These aren’t even all the bikes! :)


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  1. This was a fun post. I always enjoy learning (and seeing) how others write when they are traveling. I need to do a post about my writing habits some time.

  2. Amanda Fischer says:

    Enjoyed this. :) Always interesting to see how, when, and where others write.

    And I laughed at the bikes picture. I have 6 siblings too, so I know how that is with the distractions. (Most of our bikes are broken currently, though…)

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