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Wednesday crept up on me…

Well, it’s almost ten am on Wednesday and I just realized that I forgot to post something!  Grr!

Nothing much exciting has happened around here, other than being extremely busy in preparation for Christmas. That and a few of us have gotten colds (unfortunately, I am in the lucky few). Writing has been pushed to the back burner despite my efforts to keep it a priority. I suppose it is still a priority, just…lower on the list of priorities. ;)

Clara’s Story is progressing slower than I would have liked, but it is still moving along. I’ve also been sneaking in some time on a secret story, which I am incredibly excited about. I am going to attempt to keep this story shorter than my other books, which seem to be a consistent 85,000 to 130,000 words.  We shall see how much I can control myself.

I recently got a new keyboard! Typing on my laptop on my desk was giving me horrible wrist pain, so I began looking into one of those silly-looking curved keyboards. And finally, I found one that I absolutely love! It helps my wrist pain substantially and after I got used to the funny angle of typing, I can type just as fast on the new one as I can with my laptop’s keyboard. Here’s a picture of my writing area (one of them, at least) :

IMG_1191 IMG_1189

Please excuse the messy desk. :)

I will not be posting next week because it will be Christmas Eve’s Eve, and my family will be rather busy. So merry Christmas, one week early!


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  1. It seems that writing gets rather neglected for me too in the month of December. :) Life is busy with other things. It just makes me more eager for January because then I’ll really be able to dive back in to writing!

    Sometimes it can be a very good challenge to make yourself writing a shorter story. Have you ever tried writing short stories that were no longer than 10,000 words?

    And Merry Christmas to you too! :)

    • Ivy says:

      Thanks for commenting! No, I haven’t tried to write a story shorter than 10,000. I should really try…just to see if I can! :)

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