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Violet Jenson

Oh, Violet.  I love this little girl.  Can you get any cuter?


Violet is Jesse’s younger sister.  She is four years old, and oh my…if I had to pick a favorite character, I think Violet might be it!  Violet was born premature and had to be in the NICU for several months.  Because of the mistake of a nurse, Violet’s vocal cords were severed, leaving her completely unable to speak or make any sounds at all.  Violet isn’t at all put out by her inability to speak…she simply works around it and makes due.


This is Violet when she’s older…probably around six.
Violet is serious and thoughtful, but always has a smile ready.  She loves her big brother dearly, but really attaches herself to Tim and becomes his little shadow.  Tim doesn’t mind…he feels that Violet helps fill the void left by Chloe (you will meet Chloe next week :) ).  The two develop a unique, strong, sibling bond that lasts forever.



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