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HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOO, everyone!!!!!!! :)


I have returned to the world of blogging. The month-long break was exactly what I needed. So amazing. Seriously, everyone should take a blogging break.


*ahem ahem*


Back to business. First and foremost is my VAVC #1 vlog!


VAVC #1 from Ivy Rose on Vimeo.


(Wondering what VAVC is? Click here to learn more!)


By the way, thank you amazing people who have participated in the challenge already. I’ve loved watching your videos! Keep them coming!


I have a few announcements. *drumroll*


Firstly, I WILL NOT be participating in NaNoWriMo this year. *sobbing* It’s so sad. I can’t believe it. I really want to do it, but unfortunately, it just isn’t going to happen. Even so, I wish all of you the best as you peruse your NaNoish writing endeavors. Have some fun for me. *sniff*


Secondly, in a few weeks, I will be publishing my very first short story, Even Through Rain. And guess what the best part is? It’s going to be FREE!!! That’s right, F-R-E-E free.

Want to see the cover?



*Squeals* Isn’t it awesome!?! I’m so excited.


And thirdly: You must wait. I can’t wait to tell you. It’s super big and exciting.


How’s that for a teaser? (Mwa hahahahaha!)


Over the past few weeks, my family went on an epic vacation. I was gonna post a bunch of pics, but that isn’t happening right now. But here is a short video for you to see of how I write when traveling.

RV writing from Ivy Rose on Vimeo.


Well, now that I’ve been absent for the past few weeks, you must tell me what YOU’VE been up to. How’s life treating you? Any new story news? Can’t wait to hear from all you lovelies!


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16 responses to “VAVC #1 & I’m BAAACCCCKKKKK!!!!!”

  1. Bethany W says:

    Can’t wait to read your new story, Ivy! It looks great! :)

  2. Hannah E. says:

    Love this!!! And you’re publishing a new book??? *screams* That is SO exciting! And free?? Like, yayyy!! Can’t wait to read it!

    Your writing space is so pretty and awesome and the vlog is so wonderful too. And your little siblings are so cute. :) <3 I'm excited to try a vlog soon as well! I'm doing one as a Q and A for a bunch of questions I got, but I might combine it and do this too. :) It looks really fun!

    And you're so pretty too. Even when you just came back from working outside you were so pretty. :)

    Anyway, love this post! =)

    • Ivy says:

      Yes!!! Free is awesome. Love free stuff.

      Thank you! It was such a disaster in the video. ;) Oooh, can’t wait to see your vlog! Let me know when you post it!

      Awww, you’re too sweet! <3

  3. Welcome back, Ivy! Exciting news about your short story! I can’t wait to read it!!!! :)

    I’m not doing NaNo either. For some reason it never seems to work out to participate in November. But that’s all right. I have plenty of writing projects to keep me going. :)

    • Ivy says:

      Glad to be back, and very excited to share the short story!

      Yeah, this November…sheesh. I’m gonna be happy to come out alive even without NaNo. Oh yeah–never a shortage of projects. :)

  4. Kellyn Roth says:

    Glad to see you back! Ooh, I’m excited to read that short story!

  5. I enjoyed seeing your lovely face, Ivy! =) Let’s see if I can remember every question/comment I came up with while watching that. ;) hehe

    Ahh! The One Year Adventure Novel! I used that while writing The Mystery of the Midnight Trespasser! =) I enjoyed it, and I sure learned a lot. =)

    That is so sweet that you share a room with your little sister. I share mine with my three little sisters and my 5 year old brother. =) I enjoy it so much. Snuggling your baby sister is the. best. ♥ I wouldn’t trade it for the world. =)

    Did I see Elsie Dinsmore on your bookshelf? *applauds* I LOVE that series! It’s one of the few that is both impacting and lovely all in one. ♥ And Elsie… *happy sighs* She’s the sweetest. =)

    I also saw The Emotion Thesaurus! I just bought that book to help in my writing. =) I’m so excited to start using it. =)

    Anyway…I think that was everything? Welcome back Ivy! I missed you, sweet girl. ♥


    • Ivy says:

      Oooohhhh….me loves nice long comments. ;)

      You’re an OYANer? Awesome! Are you on the forum?

      Yes, Elsie Dinsmore! I loved those books as a youngster. I still like them. ;)

      You MUST USE the Emotion Thesaurus. It is THE BEST. My books are so much better because of it.

      I missed you too, Hosanna! Thought about you a lot!!! :) You totally brighten up my days. :)

  6. Jessica says:

    Oh my, I’m looking forward to reading your short story! And I’m pretty intrigued about mysterious announcement #3 too. :)

  7. Your vlogs were so much fun to watch!! <3 You're so brave to film and share so much of you life, haha! Your writing space looks absolutely lovely and your bookshelf is so sophisticated and organized! Mine need help, hehe. :P

    Aw, too bad you're not doing NaNo :( I think I'm going to give it a shot this year. Probably shouldn't, but I'm not willing to wait another year, haha! Publication is going to have to pushed back to the spring anyway and my book will be over at my editor for part of November. So that should help :)

    You're publishing another story? For free?! How fun!!! I was just reading today that the #1 way to make money in the self-publishing world is to have a multitude of books. Once Martin Hospitality is published I will look at finishing up Andora's Folly and maybe writing something else quick before starting the drafting for Martin Hospitality #2 :) It's so exciting to think that you and I could be swapping stories for years to come!! :D

    What is the surprise?! I need it! Do I get special privileges? A hint? Anything? Pleeeeease?! How about the day we get to know ;) So excited to find out what it is!! :)

    • Ivy says:

      Thank you! Sometimes I feel like a dummy… but that’s probably how I am in real life. ;-) Haha–yeah, I’m one of those over-sharing people. Tell too much about things no one cares about.

      I know. :( It’s so sad. I’m glad you’re giving it a try, though!

      YES!!! I’m excited. Thanks for helping me with it. Oh yeah…I can totally see us swapping stories for a LONG while!

      Hehe…you already know what the surprise is!!! :)

  8. Katja L. says:

    I can’t do the vlog but I thought I’d let you know the answers to the questions!

    One of my favorite books is ‘Basic Principles of Speech’ by Lew Sarett & William Truant Foster. It belonged to my Great-Grampa, and I love it!! It was published in the ’40-50s, I believe. :) I love it because of the humor and the wisdom. It’s all about writing good (speeches in particular but anything in general), talking good, getting people to listen to you, etc. :)

    I cannot show my room or writing space, but here’s about them: I generally write wherever. At the kitchen table, at my papa’s desk, in the car. . . My room I share with 5 little sisters, and we have 2 bunk-beds, and a “parlor”. We are going through rearranging, etc. ;)

    My favorite food is. . . that is hard. :) I like poutine and tourtière, which are traditional Québécois dishes. The first I’m sure you know, cheese curds, gravy, and French fries. . . SO GOOD! The other is a meat pie. :) I also like some Mexican and Chinese foods.

    • Ivy says:

      Great idea! That book sounds quite neat! I love old books. How wonderful you can write anywhere! That is truly a gift. :) And wow–I have no idea what those dishes are, but they sound wonderful! Chinese food is the best. Well, American-Chinese food. Actually Chinese food is quite bland. I was rather disappointed when I was there. :)

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