1. Victoria says:

    Oops, tried joining your giveaway and did everything to enter but then realized it was the wrong one… :( So please just delete those entries as I live overseas. Sorry, I thought I was doing it in the international one. :/

  2. Blessing Counter says:

    Hehe, okay, you kinda freaked me out a bit at first! I got an email notification yesterday saying you had posted this, and it was the 13th. I thought my calendar had gone wonky or something, cause as far as I knew, it was still the 12th! For a few minutes, I was panicking that I had missed a day, and went through my virtual calendar, real calendar, church bulletins, and all that before finally realizing what the problem was. Methinks we live in different time zones :P

    Anyway, NOW it’s the 13th for me, and hopefully it still is for you? ;) Just put up the post a few minutes ago, so hopefully it’s still on the 13th! :D

    • Ivy says:

      I know!!!! I scared myself!!!! You are so funny. :) It was just a screw up with the scheduling feature of my server. I’m so sorry to have frightened you! :)

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