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TORR Blog Tour, Conclusion

For my first ever book, my first ever blog tour, I am so amazed and blessed at the response! There were 20 bloggers participating in the tour. That’s double the amount I was aiming for. How fantastic is that?!?

Here is the schedule again, to ensure that you didn’t miss any of these amazing posts:


Emily  — Review, Spotlight

Jesseca Wheaton — Review, Interview

Olivia K. Fisher  — Interview, Spotlight

Faith Blum  — Review, Interview, Spotlight

Hannah E.  — Review, Interview

Faith Potts  – Review

Rebecca Morgan  — Review, Interview

Abigayle Ellison  — Review, Spotlight

Kenzi Knapp  – Review, Interview

Hosanna Emily  — Review, Interview

Blessing Counter  — Interview

Victoria Minks  — Review, Spotlight

Deborah C.  — Review, Spotlight

Anna S. Brie  — Review, Interview

Leona G. — Review, Interview

Hope Ann — Review, Interview

Amanda Tero — Review, Interview

Anika Joy – Review, Interview

Kellyn Roth — Review

~Giveaway Winners~

The winner of the USA prize is Olivia K. Fisher!

The winner of the international prize is Bonnie Smithies!

Congrats to both of you girls! I’ll be sending you an email shortly. :)

I hope you all enjoyed the blog tour as much as I did! Thanks again to all of you who helped me get the word out. I appreciate you so much!


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8 responses to “TORR Blog Tour, Conclusion”

  1. Congratulations again, Ivy Rose on ‘The Old River Road’! You did a fabulous job publishing and releasing and hosting the blog tour! :D I really enjoyed both the tour and (especially) the book, and I’m SO happy for you! ^_^


    • Ivy says:

      Thank you so much, Blessing! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the book. Your kind words mean so much! :)

  2. Katja L. says:

    Congrats, girls! :) Thanks for the giveaway, Ivy! It was loads of fun. :) Looking forward to Volume II!

  3. Bonnie says:

    Wow, thank you so much, Ivy! I’m so thrilled! :) You’re such a blessing. I can’t wait to read your book!!


  4. Morgan E. says:

    Ivy, I bought your book and read it. I LOOOOVE it! It’s sweet, original (duh) appeals to any girl’s pioneer sense of adventure. I inhaled it in an hour and a half. I can’t wait for the second book. Are you going to continue on until you write your story? Maybe if you get married, after that?

    • Ivy says:

      Awww, your comment made me smile so big! Totally made my day. :)

      Well, I haven’t really thought about how far I’ll take the series. I probably could write until myself–my parents and grandparent’s stories are quite interesting! Though it would be rather strange to write my own story. Hmm. I don’t know–we’ll see what happens! :)

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