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Timothy Wilson

Tim was one of the easiest characters to create, but I can’t think of exactly how to introduce him.


Tim is sixteen years old.  He may look strong and tough on the outside, but inside, he’s a bucket of mush.  Tim’s belief in Christ is solid, though being ripped from his parents and thrown into the responsibility of keeping himself, his family, and his friends alive severely tries his faith, it doesn’t even come close to burning him out.

A talented musician, Tim enjoys playing the violin and singing, though not at the same time.  He always puts other’s needs before his own, even if it means giving up a meal so a younger child can eat his share. Tim’s soft side really comes to light when he befriends a traumatized four-year-old girl.

edf749c517b51623d4e4c019d8e4f180 Tim is a problem-solver and a thinker.  He isn’t overly talkative, but he isn’t quiet, either.  Rarely does he get his feathers ruffled…he’s kind of a ‘steady eddy’.  He tends to act older than he is, and most people think he is eighteen or nineteen…but that could also be because he’s almost six feet tall.


I think Tim is one of my favorite characters.  Maybe because he’s always cooperated and never thrown me for a loop.  Tim hasn’t changed since the first draft that I wrote three years ago.  :)

Update: Still working on comments.  I don’t know what’s going on but sometimes I feel like throwing my computer in the lake.  :)


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