Sweet Miss Benita

I was finally able to get a photo with this dear lady. She is the last person I’m aware of  who actually knew Clara personally! How fantastic is that?!?! She has been a wealth of information regarding the McDonalds and surrounding families. It was such a joy to finally be able to share the finished product with her–she was excited, too!




When I *cough* interrogated Miss Benita about what she remembered about Clara, she said: “Clara really was the neatest lady. She wasn’t cranky or grumpy–I remember I liked her. I would have been only six or seven–she died when I was eleven–but I remember she was a sweet lady and was very king to us kids.”


Is that not amazing!?! I still can’t believe that I can TALK to someone to talked to Clara!


Don’t forget to pick up your Kindle copy of The Old River Road.


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The Birthday of a Special Lady

Tomorrow, November 22, would be the birthday of Clara McDonald, my great-great-grandma, and the main character of The Old River Road.

(Notice I don’t say which birthday, because in all honesty, I don’t know! I have not been able to find a conclusive birthdate for her. However, I know she was born between 1866 and 1868, so I picked 1867. ;-) )

In honor of Clara’s birthday, The Old River Road will be on sale this entire week!!! If you’ve wanted to pick up this story, now is the time. Please share with your friends!


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So Much Awesomeness



Give me a break. I somehow managed to catch this dumb cold my family got (LITTLE KIDS STARTED IT) and now the cold medicine is making me woozy.

Stupid cold aside, onto the awesomeness.



First of the awesome awesomeness is Mr. Douglas Bond, who has been mentoring me for a few years, interviewed me on his blog. *insert crazy dancing and squealing* Isn’t that wonderful?!? I’m so blessed to have him as a mentor.


Second of the awesomeness is I got to meet Miss Jesseca Wheaton of Whimsical Writings!!!! She was visiting Emily McConnell, whom I’d met a few months prior. Emily and I really hit it off back in April, but due to busy schedules hadn’t been able to meet up since. It was wonderful for me to see Emily again, and meet Jesseca at the same time!

img_2860Emily, Jesseca, and I (squinting in the very bright sun ;-) )


*sighs happily* We had such a good time together. We met at a coffee shop and talked there for three hours (though it felt like 5 minutes). Emily and Jesseca had to go home after that to be available for some younger siblings, but Emily invited me to come along so we could keep talking. (How sweet is that?!?) We talked and laughed for another three hours–and definitely could have kept on going! It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. We exchanged books, contemplated the woes of focusing on any given project (well–that was just Emily and I. Jesseca is very good at focus and concentration), talked about coffee, played with Emily’s animals, drank apple cider …

And oh my goodness, Jesseca is such a sweetheart. I’m so glad it worked out to get together. We’re already scheming for next time she comes!!! :)


Just as a side note, if you ever get the chance to meet any of your blog friends, DO IT!!!!! It is SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!

Scary Stuff!!!! :)


I’m telling you guys–this being an author stuff is scary.

*deep breath*

I have officially made my first public appearance as an author.

And the worst thing was, it was a LOCAL event, so people knew who I was.


To my delight, I only met a few people with whom I was aquatinted.



Anyway, onto things of more substance…

The event was a kind of bizarre/fair sort of thing. I’m not really sure what it was…to be honest, I’m kinda shocked our little redneck community even did something like this. ;-) However, despite the blistering heat and general redneckedness of the event, I was surprised at the reaction to my book. I sold 15 copies in just a few hours! Is that not completely awesome or what?!?!

At the booth (okay, tent)  :)


Something else super awesome (and quite frightening) is that my book was featured in a local news publication. I got the entire center spread of the paper!


In the next few weeks, I’m going to send out a few more press releases in hopes of getting more attention in my local area. Hopefully, the lure of the book being about my area will be enough to find new readers!

TORR Blog Tour, Conclusion

For my first ever book, my first ever blog tour, I am so amazed and blessed at the response! There were 20 bloggers participating in the tour. That’s double the amount I was aiming for. How fantastic is that?!?

Here is the schedule again, to ensure that you didn’t miss any of these amazing posts:


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~Giveaway Winners~

The winner of the USA prize is Olivia K. Fisher!

The winner of the international prize is Bonnie Smithies!

Congrats to both of you girls! I’ll be sending you an email shortly. :)

I hope you all enjoyed the blog tour as much as I did! Thanks again to all of you who helped me get the word out. I appreciate you so much!