NaNo Day 11

NaNo is working very well for me! I’m so glad that I’ve discovered this I’ve been able to keep up with my word count, even exceeding it some days. (Yippie!) I’ve added a word count meter in the sidebar of this page so you can keep up with how I’m doing. :)

On Thursday, my right wrist got so inflamed and painful that I put my arm in a sling. Did I fall? No (shocker).  I got a pinched nerve from so much typing.IMG_8434

No one can ever say that writing is a safe occupation/hobby. It is possible to hurt yourself doing it. (And of course, I’m one who finds the only possible injury.)

Anyway…because I had to wear a stiff splint and keep the arm in a sling to save myself excruciating pain, my ability to type was—impaired, we shall say. Over two days, I got quite fluent in one-handed typing. I even played with the dictation thingy on my computer. It was quite an adventure.

It’s now six days ‘post injury’, and now I just have to wear the splint. I can still use my typing fingers even wearing it, thank goodness. The pain is much better and the swelling is almost gone. I hope it doesn’t return.

Okay, I think I just botched up pretty much every grammatical rule there is in this post alone. My brain is tired of spitting out words.  I’m not making any sense.

Thanks for reading. :)

Oh by the way, are there any little social media buttons anywhere on this post? I’m trying to get them to show up but it’s not working very well.


Country Girl Probs

When I came downstairs yesterday morning, dressed and ready for a fun girls day out with yayah and mom and little sis, I was instantly bombarded with questions from my mom and brothers.

“Why are you dressing up so much?” “Do I have to wear fancy clothes, too?”

Why, you might ask? Simply because I was wearing something other than jeans and a plain T-shirt.

Apparently I need to “dress up” more frequently so it isn’t such a shock to my family to see me in a skirt. :)

How is that spelled?

I’ve been without my computer for the past few days because of a hard drive problem.  All of my information was backed up, thank goodness, before the hard drive crashed (including my manuscripts, thank goodness!).  The Apple store replaced the hard drive and I just picked up the computer today, so I’m still setting up my ‘brand new’ computer and re-setting it to all my old specifications.  I missed my computer for the 2 days it was gone!  Don’t get me wrong…there are LOTS of computers in our house that I can use, but I love MY computer. :)  (Yes, I’m a bit of a snob.)

I recently learned that trying to write while half awake generally doesn’t go well for me.  Here is a conversation I had with myself not too long ago…I realized how funny it was and thought you might like to see what goes on in my rather twisted brain.

“Callie had forg…”

How do I spell that?


(enter red squiggly line under the word)

No, that’s not it.


(enter red squiggly line)

Ahh! Well I don’t think it’s ‘forgetted.’  Perhaps “Forgottonized?”

(Use spell check)


“Callie had forgotten–“


Please tell me I’m not the only one who has conversations with myself while writing.  I mean…I need to tell somebody about all these ideas in my head!  :)

This is one of my favorite quotes.





My 17th Birthday

(Sorry for the late post)


July 8th was my seventeenth birthday, and I had a lovely day.  I went to breakfast with my Yayah and Papa, then Yayah and I went shopping at antique stores (and came home with treasures!!!), then I came home and had a special dinner with my family and, (of course) we had a CHOCOLATE cake.  I was hoping to do something fun to celebrate my birthday on the blog, but life got a bit crazy preparing for family strings camp among other things, so here, you have a drab, boring post.  I’ll try to spice it up with some funny quotes and photos from Pinterest.


This is me…any other words needed?

Take a wild guess which kid I would be

Take a wild guess which kid I would be.  :)









As for a writing update, progress on Never Alone is going very well.  I’m hoping to have it sent off to an editor by the end of September, with hopes of publishing around December.  We’ll see how it turns out. :)


This is me


Oh my goodness I laughed so hard when I saw this!  I Love Lucy is one of my favorite shows, and this…I literally laughed out loud.  This is exactly how I feel most mornings!

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