People Watchers

This quote (found on Pinterest) made me laugh.  I could relate all too well, and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.  :)


Now, if you know me very well, you know that I am not overly outgoing or talkative to strangers.  Nor am I shy.  BUT, I am prone to watching people.  Almost to the brink of staring.  More than once a younger sibling has elbowed me and given me a horrified look.  *Sigh.*  No one seems to understand that I must study people in order to get ideas for characters.  If only there was a way to do this without getting a sharp elbow in the ribs…  Maybe big sunglasses? :)

I was reading a friend’s blog and there was a question on there that made me laugh out loud.  The question was, “What was the most embarrassing self-inflicted injury you’ve caused yourself?”  I was forced to decide between breaking my arm from attempting to fly (DON’T LAUGH I WAS ONLY SIX YEARS OLD!!!!), or breaking my ankle from running in high heels.  (You can laugh if you wish; I was fifteen years old when that happened :) ).    I don’t think it is normal to have TWO extremely embarrassing events to pick between.

Yes,  I’m a klutz.  Always have been, and probably always will be.   :)

Have a wonderful week!