Announcement and Reveal


Can you believe I’ve kept my mouth shut about a project for an entire four months?!?! Believe me, I don’t come from the strongest line of secret keepers. (*ahem ahem ahem* *cough cough* Love you, Mom!!!)




But yes, I have kept a secret. (My beta readers even kept the secret!!!)


Am I driving you crazy yet? I hope so. *evil author laugh*


The secret is…



In a little less than two months, on January 23th, you’re all going to get a chance to read my latest baby. This sweet novella that is very dear to my heart. The topic is so precious to me, I can only hope some of that leaks out onto the pages. I love this story so much. But you’ll have to read the ‘author’s note’ in the back to learn what makes it so special to me.

(There, someone be proud of me. That was a very nice marketing slip. *pats self on back*) (*laughs at self* I’ll probably end up accidentally mentioning the reason at some point in time.)

It’s already been through beta readers, is in the hands of endorsers (or endorsementers…or endorsarinos…whatever they are called), and is headed to the editor this weekend. Talk about a whirlwind!

Oh, you probably want to see the cover, huh? *wink*











     Lindy Greene’s life is perfect. Too perfect. But living as a missionary nurse, serving in a rural hospital in China, soon brings the disaster she fearfully anticipates. All of her well-thought-out plans for the future disintegrate after pulling a fatally ill, disfigured, abandoned child from a pile of trash. She doesn’t even like babies.

     Nathan Thomas can’t find balance. College suited him just fine until his cash ran out, forcing him to the Chinese mission field with his parents. The chaotic atmosphere in China does little to relax his agitated mind, and the pretty blonde nurse at the clinic does nothing to help him focus.

     The Chinese mission field isn’t for the faint of heart. Nathan wonders how he can survive his remaining time there, while Lindy struggles to help everyone she can. With different ideals pulling them in separate directions, there is one thing drawing them together: a tiny, sickly, crippled orphan who relies on them to stay alive.



(A shoutout to Willowy Whisper–if you need a cover done, go see Willowy! She’s a sweetie to work with, really fast, and totally affordable. And she does an AMAZING job!!!)


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Left to Die

I can’t wait to share this story with you all!!!


Rose of Prophecy is Released!

It is my absolute honor to present to you an amazing novella by an even amazinger author (who just happens to be a close friend of mine).  :-)  I’m telling you…you don’t want to miss out on this novella. It’s AMAZING. (Let me just use that word a few more times to get the point across.) Amazing amazing amazing! And it’s absolutely free on e-readers! What do you have to loose?!? (NOTHING, and it’s TOTALLY worth reading!!! It’s AMAZING!!!!!)

Okay, I’ll hush up now and let the book speak for itself.




She is afraid. Not because she is alone. Not because thick roiling clouds obscure the moon. Not because the wind rushes through the forest like a wild dragon. She is afraid because she is late. And to be late means death.

Her life had been happy once. 

Despite the destruction wreaked by Tauscher, traitor to the King. Despite the distant war led by the Prince and fought with the help of her three brothers. Despite her own poorly-chosen nickname of Beauty, she’d enjoyed life.

Of course, that was also before her father left home on a hopeful errand but returned weary and ill, bearing a velvety scarlet rose which he claimed would never wither. But even life in the ancient hall, tucked away in the center of Mosswood, surrounded by roses of every description, overshadowed with mystery and home to a scarred figure who is more beast than man, wasn’t too bad after a time. 

But now…now, in a flash of light, Beauty finally glimpses the truth. And the cost. The price which must be paid, or the sacrifice which must be made.

It is a curse which even love alone may not be able to break.


Writing in the Light Publishing proudly presents the first of nine novellas in

The Legends of Light series!

Rose of Prophecy,

a fantasy seeped retelling of Beauty and the Beast

containing an ancient promise, an invisible spy, and the legendary Stieg der,

is more than a mere retelling of a favorite fairy tale.

Each novella focuses on one of the

nine Fruits of the Spirit

while also following the conflict between the Prince and Tauscher

and expertly retelling and twisting some popular, as well as several lesser known, fairy tales.

Get Rose of Prophecy HERE!


IMG_0420Hope Ann is a Christian authoress who loves reading and writing fantasy, retelling fairy tales, and futuristic fiction. She has been writing for over five years and is currently working on several fantasy books as well as a futuristic trilogy.

Some of her favorite authors include J. R. R. Tolkien, Serena Chase, Charles Dickens, and Mark Twain.

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