Never Alone Synopsis

Here is the new, completely re-written the Synopsis for Never Alone.  I’m not completely satisfied with it yet, but it is getting better.  After 6 or 10 re-writes, it should be perfect (HA!).  :)

For fourteen-year-old Callie Nickly, the sacrifices that being a follower of Christ require are absolutely terrifying.  Because her parents are hunted for practicing unlawful religion, and because they have decided to educate their children at home against government regulations, Callie’s family has no choice but to relocate countless times to evade prison, work camps, and ultimately, death.  The many frightening years of living ‘underground’ have taken a toll on Callie’s faith, but nothing could have prepared her for that fateful July night when she and her two siblings were forced to flee for their lives.  When a tragic accident separates the children, leaving Callie with severe physical impairments, even her extreme physical pain isn’t enough to mirror the hurts and questions that trouble her heart.  Callie is left wondering; is there really a loving God?  And if there is, why is He allowing such horrible things to happen?