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Sweet Miss Benita

I was finally able to get a photo with this dear lady. She is the last person I’m aware of  who actually knew Clara personally! How fantastic is that?!?! She has been a wealth of information regarding the McDonalds and surrounding families. It was such a joy to finally be able to share the finished product with her–she was excited, too!




When I *cough* interrogated Miss Benita about what she remembered about Clara, she said: “Clara really was the neatest lady. She wasn’t cranky or grumpy–I remember I liked her. I would have been only six or seven–she died when I was eleven–but I remember she was a sweet lady and was very king to us kids.”


Is that not amazing!?! I still can’t believe that I can TALK to someone to talked to Clara!


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12 responses to “Sweet Miss Benita”

  1. That’s so cool!!

  2. Hope Ann says:

    That is so neat!

  3. Bethany W says:

    That’s so amazing, to be able to talk to someone who personally knew your ancestor!

  4. Wow! Just the thought of talking to someone who had actually known, Clara is amazing. That must have been so exciting and special.

    • Ivy says:

      Sometimes I have to smack myself and realize that she actually TALKED to Clara. It’s entirely surreal. And SOOOO cool!!!

  5. What a great experience! Sweet picture, by the way. :)

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