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Results of the Beta-Reader Applications


This is the hardest part. Choosing. Picking. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH I HATE TO ONLY PICK 5!!!

Let me begin by saying THANK YOU to all the applicants. I was shocked and blessed beyond belief with how many applications I received! Picking just five is HARD!!! I had a few levels of “screening” before the actual reading test, and only a few people made it that far.

If you didn’t, please don’t think it’s because I don’t like you. That’s not the case AT ALL. I love each and every one of you SO much and hope to continue fostering friendships. :)

The five beta slots have been filled by:

Victoria Lynn

Kellyn Roth

Jesseca Dawn

Lisa Inkwell

Hosanna Emily



Congratulations to the new team members, and thank you so much to all of those who applied!!!


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7 responses to “Results of the Beta-Reader Applications”

  1. Madison Guy says:

    Congrats, girls! Good luck with the upcoming draft!!


  2. Kellyn Roth says:


    *is a very calm, professional person who will make a great beta-reader* *most of the time*

    Thank you, Ivy! I’ll do my best! *salutes*

  3. Leona says:

    Congrats, beta-readers! I’m a bit disappointed that I wasn’t picked, but I totally understand, and I approve your picks. ;) I “know” all of them except Lisa Inkwell and know that they will be great beta-readers for you. :)

  4. Lisa says:

    Hehe – it’s actually funny but cool I’m named “Lisa Inkwell” xD In case you are wondering, my last name is Long :) And can I just say I am honored ^-^ And I realized that the other four are all … published authors … and I’m the only one who isn’t … wow. High expectations. Thank you for the amazing opportunity Ivy!


    • Ivy says:

      Good to know your last name, thank you. :) I will probably still call you Lisa Inkwell because that’s what’s stuck in my head…tell me if that bothers you!

      I’m happy to have you on the team!

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