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Pros and Cons of Being a Teenage Author – Guest Post


Hey guys! I’m so excited to share this post from my friend, Kellyn Roth! She blogs over at Reveries and always has super fun blog posts. Be sure to go check it out!




The idea of becoming an author at a young age is quite frankly thrilling! You feel like you’re the youngest person to walk on the moon (er, publishing field) – like a child prodigy of some sort – and it’s quite exciting!

However … it’s hard to survive in a “grownup” world. You won’t be young forever, but it’s hard to get started when you are. And is it really the best idea, anyway? Can you really get anywhere?

Well, yes, you can get somewhere! Look at Ivy – or many other young authors, such as Jesseca Wheaton, J.C. Buchanan, or Paul Willis (who are just the ones that came to mind about whom I was sure). They were all in their teens when they first published a novel!

As a girl who was published at fourteen, I have a little experience of the realm of teenage authors … and here are a few pros and cons of being one!


PRO: Everyone is a bit impressed by what you’ve done.

People don’t really expect teens to accomplish much. Teens are supposed to slouch on the couch all day and basically just not do things. It’s only when they turn twenty that they magically become responsible. So you’re breaking stereotypes! And your youth it self is just impressive. I guess. *feels like I’m bragging* *shrugs*



CON: It’s hard overcoming stereotypes!

Publishers, readers, your neighbors … they may believe that you are that stereotypical teen. Also, youth is a bit of a handicap no matter what – you don’t have the experience of most adults even if you do work as hard as one. Then, as a teen, a lot of things are still up in the air about your future, your emotions, and even who you are. And this can be a problem as who you are affects what your writing is in a big way!



PRO: There’s the internet.

It can be a distraction, too, but internet is the best resource for any budding author. There is an unending supply of great articles, and not only is it good for marketing (getting news about your books out there), but even before you publish you can use it to develop a “fanbase” of sorts … or just make some good writing friends (something I highly recommend)! It’s great to get yourself out there, and the #1 thing that has inspired and helped me as an author is my writing buddies. :)



CON: Learning to use the internet correctly is hard.

You have to find all the right websites, all the right blogs, all the right forums and Facebook groups and what-not. And that takes time! This may just be my overly-cautious self, but meeting people – the right people – on the internet is hard! Then marketing and blogging and all that are a pretty big learning curve.



PRO: “The early bird catches the worm.”

Starting early may give you an edge on other writers! After all, many people start writing professionally when they’re adults – oftentimes even after they’re retired when they have more time. But you’re starting now – and you have more time as a teenager, believe it or not (I don’t sometimes …), than you will as an adult!



CON: “Pearls before swine.”

Okay, that saying makes absolutely no sense in this situation. What I mean is, your writing is in its formative years as a teen. At least, I know mine is. And sometimes … putting it out there before you are really ready may be a mistake. It takes years to hone the craft, to find out what you want to write and why, to discover your style. Also, it really is harder to get started as a young person. So … it might be better to wait.



What do you think? Would you rather start authoring early … or wait until you’re older? Do you have any pros and cons of teenager authorhood to add to the list?


Thanks for reading,


~Kellyn Roth~




If you enjoyed that and learned something (I sure did!), leave some love for Kellyn in the comments!


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4 responses to “Pros and Cons of Being a Teenage Author – Guest Post”

  1. Ryana Lynn says:

    Great post! I was 19 when my first book finally got published, but I’m glad I was a little older, because my original work was…scary? Very lame? Needed maturing? I love reading young authors and am growing that section of my personal library. Point# 1i get all the time, even though I’m in my early twenties now. And yes, learning the internet is very hard!

    Wonderful post, Kellyn!

    • Ivy says:

      Glad you enjoyed Kellyn’s post!!! She did such a great job!

      Haha…totally relate to the “scary” feeling! The book I thought I would publish first–yeesh. It’s humiliating. XD

  2. Kellyn Roth says:

    What a lovely post, Ivy! *whistles nonchalantly* Just kidding! ;)

    Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity! <3

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