I had another post planned for today, but life happened and that went out the window.



Lately my life has been consumed by college and preparing to launch The Old River Road. I had NO IDEA how much work it is to prepare a book launch! Here’s a cyber high-five to everyone who has done it. You’re amazing.



Some excitement has happened on that front…

The Old River Road is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 11.30.20 PM


I got to see my book ON MY KINDLE:






And my proof copy arrived!!! *confetti* *fireworks* *chocolate chips!*







Isn’t it absolutely beautiful? I drooled over it for a few seconds before showing it off to my family.



Boy, the emotions of that moment…opening the box and seeing MY BOOK (btw I thought the contents of the package was another author’s book I had ordered)–I was able to forget all the late nights and tears and struggles for a few glorious minutes. It was so worth it. SO worth it.  There is absolutely nothing like the feeling of holding the finished product in my hand. And look at how thick and georgeous it is!!!



I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! :)



  1. Jesseca Dawn says:

    Wow!! It’s so much more beautiful in print!! :D Isn’t it the most amazing feeling ever to hold a copy in your hands?! It makes it even better if you weren’t expecting it. :)
    Congrats! *showers chocolate and confetti* Because chocolate is needful for all these sort of bookish accomplishments. ;)
    Oh, and just ’cause I’m curious… what are the dimensions of the book?

    • Ivy says:

      Isn’t it? I’m so happy! And yes–being surprised was just the icing on the cake.

      There is no chocolate in my house other than chocolate chips. Very sad. I need to go buy some Dove milk chocolate. :)

      The dimensions are 5×8. It’s a little smaller than what most people are doing, but I like it better.

  2. Hosanna Emily says:

    It IS beautiful, Ivy!!!!! I LOVE your cover! =) Great job! I think getting a book formatted for publishing is harder than writing the book! It took So. Much. Time. I was glad to have it finally done! =)

  3. Jada Morrison says:

    I was just thinking the release date is coming up fast! I think it is a great choice to have a print edition and kindle edition available.

  4. Hannah E says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!! Eeek. It must be so exciting!! I’m so amazed it’s that thick. It must be such an amazing feeling to have it almost published. =) I’m thrilled to be apart of the release!!

    And guess what?? I ordered A Penny Parcel from our library and I’m going to start reading it really soon. =D

    • Ivy says:

      I’m amazed it’s that thick, too! I was so surprised and pleased. :)

      AAHHHHH!!!!! You will LOVE it!!!! Let me know if you write a review…I’d love to read it!

  5. Rebekah Morris says:

    Wow! There is NOTHING like holding your first published book in your hands! That feeling is beyond description because if you really tried to describe it, only those who have experienced it would understand. :)

    I can’t wait to order my print copy and have it signed. :)

    • Ivy says:

      YOU KNOW!!!!! I was trying to find the words to describe the feeling, but there are no words!

      Hehe–I’d better practice my autograph. ;)

  6. Jordy says:

    Ivy, that’s awesome!! So, so awesome! You’re an inspiration to aspiring authors who are still looking into the future towards the day this happens to them. Thank you for sharing your excitement!

    • Ivy says:

      Aww, thank you sooooo much!!!! :) I’m glad I can be an encouragement. If I didn’t share some excitement, I might scare the roof off my house. ;)

  7. Victoria says:

    How exciting! I know how you feel when you open up the box and see your proof copy! I was in Korea when I got my first proof copy, and I ran into the other room to open it because I was so full of all these emotions! Then I showed the friends I was staying with and sent pictures to my family…. It was definitely a special moment. :)

  8. Morgan E. says:

    Wow that looks so amazing! You must be so excited! How much will it cost in paperback? I have been following you blog for a while and I’ve read the first chapter and I’m so excited to read it! Congratulations! It looks so pretty!

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