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Pinterest: Tool or Trouble?


The first thing that comes to my mind is addictive.

Anyone who has used Pinterest knows what a procrastination station it is. For some authors, (yours truly), it can be one of the worst distractions to writing. Others use Pinterest for inspiration…or so they say. Pinterest can be a death trap if it is allowed to become one. But is it truly possible to utilize Pinterest as a tool for writing, without being sucked in?



In fact, when used correctly, Pinterest is an amazing resource for writers.

When I realized just how much time I was spending on Pinterest, and how little time I was actually writing…let’s just say I wasn’t pleased with myself. Here are some guidelines I used to cut down on my time spent on Pinterest.

  1. Set a time limit, first daily, then weekly. I was shocked as how much I could get done in 15 or 20 minutes.
  2. Research just one topic in one sitting(or look for photos of one character) to make the most of your time. Pinterest is famous for those little rabbit trails; “ooh, look at that! Wow, that’s cool!” Clickity clickity click. It can go on for hours (speaking from experience).
  3. DELETE THE APP FROM YOUR PHONE!!! This was the biggest one for me. It’s so easy to just whip out the app while waiting in an office or just to kill time. DON’T DO IT!!! Just get rid of the app.

Can Pinterest be a good resource? Absolutely. One of the best, in my opinion. Just use your time wisely. Time is far too valuable to spend hours and hours looking at funny dog memes or searching for just the right photo of your beloved character.


What thoughts do you have about Pinterest?  Do you think it can be a good resource?


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6 responses to “Pinterest: Tool or Trouble?”

  1. Pam says:

    Pinterest ??? No problem for your Ya-Yah. Can’t get pass the log on screen. 😁

  2. Hope says:

    Oh boy; Pinterest can waste so much time. I love it for my writing though because I can develop characters so much better when I can see them. But I tend to not get on until evenings when everything else is done and I can relax and just look at stuff…though I’ve not done that for awhile.

    • Ivy says:

      Yeah, definitely a love-hate relationship. :) That’s a good idea to wait until all other work is done. I should do that too.

  3. When I first started using Pinterest it was a waste of time, but, though I get on it now every day, I’m only on it for about a minute at a time just to see if there are any inspiring pins on my home feed. Usually there aren’t. :P

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