On The Beach

We’re back! We had such a lovely time on our vacation and I took a bunch of photos to share with you all.  :) Here’s pictures of the second stop on our trip…the Oregon Coast.



This is where I was kicking myself for not bringing my big camera…doesn’t it look a tad like Ireland?






On the last day, my siblings decided that we should get our feet wet. Despite the fact that the water was maybe 40 degrees, I rolled up my pants, took off my knee brace, and dove in (relatively speaking). The seawater was so cold it hurt my feet terribly bad. But, I only get to the ocean once in a very long while, so I figured I might as well enjoy it. And I did.

And guess what? My feet got so numb after about 5 minutes I couldn’t feel the cold anymore. :) We had a blast.


Running towards the warmer sand during the first 5 minutes of painful feet numbing. :)





  1. Madison Lyerla says:

    Ahhhh amazing pictures- the Oregon coast is gorgeous!!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! (Also your siblings are looking so old what is happening.)

  2. Rebekah Morris says:

    It looks delightful. I’ve been to the east coast and visited the ocean once, but I’ve never been farther west than Salt Lake City, UT. (And I was only about 5 or 6 then.) I’d love to see the Pacific Ocean some day.

    • Ivy says:

      The ocean is so lovely. I’m glad we live close enough to visit once a year or so. I’ve seen the Atlantic Ocean once, but I was only eighteen months old. My parents tell me I had no fear of water and tried to ‘swim’ in the waves. Apparently, it took a bit of effort to keep me from drowning myself. :)

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