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On The Beach

We’re back! We had such a lovely time on our vacation and I took a bunch of photos to share with you all.  :) Here’s pictures of the second stop on our trip…the Oregon Coast.



This is where I was kicking myself for not bringing my big camera…doesn’t it look a tad like Ireland?






On the last day, my siblings decided that we should get our feet wet. Despite the fact that the water was maybe 40 degrees, I rolled up my pants, took off my knee brace, and dove in (relatively speaking). The seawater was so cold it hurt my feet terribly bad. But, I only get to the ocean once in a very long while, so I figured I might as well enjoy it. And I did.

And guess what? My feet got so numb after about 5 minutes I couldn’t feel the cold anymore. :) We had a blast.


Running towards the warmer sand during the first 5 minutes of painful feet numbing. :)





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4 responses to “On The Beach”

  1. Madison Lyerla says:

    Ahhhh amazing pictures- the Oregon coast is gorgeous!!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! (Also your siblings are looking so old what is happening.)

  2. It looks delightful. I’ve been to the east coast and visited the ocean once, but I’ve never been farther west than Salt Lake City, UT. (And I was only about 5 or 6 then.) I’d love to see the Pacific Ocean some day.

    • Ivy says:

      The ocean is so lovely. I’m glad we live close enough to visit once a year or so. I’ve seen the Atlantic Ocean once, but I was only eighteen months old. My parents tell me I had no fear of water and tried to ‘swim’ in the waves. Apparently, it took a bit of effort to keep me from drowning myself. :)

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