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(Sorry for the delay in this post…my schedule feature failed me AGAIN.)

My mom was away on a trip by herself (doesn’t happen very often) for the past 4 days.  When she’s gone we kids and dad have all sorts of fun!  This time we had a Narniathon.  One movie each night…so much fun.

Usually I don’t care for fantasy of any kind, books or movies.  Books especially.  And though the Narnias rank among my favorite movies, I really didn’t care for the books at all (no offense to C.S. Lewis; fantasy just isn’t my favorite genre).  In every other case of book and movie, I’ll pick the book hands down.  Weird, I know.


I can’t decide which movie I like the best!  I love them all…but I think Dawn Treader is my least favorite.  Prince Caspian might be my favorite, but I love Wardrobe too!  :)





Which Narnia movie do you like best?


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  1. Hope says:

    Hard to say…probably the Dawn Treader, even though it is the least like the books (and I do like the books). But I really like the other two as well.

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