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NaNo Day 11

NaNo is working very well for me! I’m so glad that I’ve discovered this I’ve been able to keep up with my word count, even exceeding it some days. (Yippie!) I’ve added a word count meter in the sidebar of this page so you can keep up with how I’m doing. :)

On Thursday, my right wrist got so inflamed and painful that I put my arm in a sling. Did I fall? No (shocker).  I got a pinched nerve from so much typing.IMG_8434

No one can ever say that writing is a safe occupation/hobby. It is possible to hurt yourself doing it. (And of course, I’m one who finds the only possible injury.)

Anyway…because I had to wear a stiff splint and keep the arm in a sling to save myself excruciating pain, my ability to type was—impaired, we shall say. Over two days, I got quite fluent in one-handed typing. I even played with the dictation thingy on my computer. It was quite an adventure.

It’s now six days ‘post injury’, and now I just have to wear the splint. I can still use my typing fingers even wearing it, thank goodness. The pain is much better and the swelling is almost gone. I hope it doesn’t return.

Okay, I think I just botched up pretty much every grammatical rule there is in this post alone. My brain is tired of spitting out words.  I’m not making any sense.

Thanks for reading. :)

Oh by the way, are there any little social media buttons anywhere on this post? I’m trying to get them to show up but it’s not working very well.



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  1. Well, I thought you were supposed to be relaxed when you write stories, not get all tense and pinch a nerve. :) I’m glad that you have still be able to keep up your writing schedule and your arm is feeling better. No more strange injuries while you write! ;)

    • Ivy says:

      Must be this word count deadline! ;) I’ve not ever done something like this before and it must be making me tense!

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