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My New Money Dump

Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to go through phases of something I’m interested in that my ‘wild’ money gets funneled into. For a time it was thrift stores, then antique stores, and now it’s …

Well, it’s a few things right now.

At the moment, I’m mildly obsessed with Converse All Stars. Just mildly. Believe me, I know people who are CRAZY obsessed with them. Ahem anyway, one of the reasons I love them is that they are the perfect blend between sporty and trendy. And since I tend to lean toward the more casual side of dressing, they’re perfect. And I can wear them with skirts. But the MAIN reason I love them so much is because if I buy a half-size bigger and take out the insole, they fit my bulky, ugly foot orthotics (that not a lot of cute shoes can accommodate). They’re the perfect summer-weight shoe, and my orthotics fit. Win win all the way around

Back to what I was saying: I had some birthday money accumulating, so I decided to purchase another pair of said shoes (*only* my second pair, mind you). No biggie.

Fast forward a day.IMG_1987

I was introduced to this lovely website called ThriftBooks.com by an friend who shall remain nameless. (You know who you are. ;-) ) Since the books were so awesomely inexpensive, and since I had some MORE birthday money to spend, I was able to buy 7 classics for under $20.

Umm, OK. Is this awesome or what?!?

Later that evening, I told my dad that I had found my new favorite money dump. He got this pained look on his face and said, “Converse shoes?”

I laughed at him.

If only I had THAT much money to spend on shoes with any amount of frequency.

No. ThriftBooks. It’s awesome. Seriously, go check it out. They don’t have a lot of newer books, but all the classics I needed were available and cheap. Can’t go wrong.


Have you gotten any books from ThriftBooks?


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  1. Don’t you just love finding a source of cheap, awesome books?! I am part of a mommy co op and we buy books from Bookdepot – my last order I believe was 30$ for 8 books which is GREAT in Canada because usually our shipping is crazy!

  2. Jesseca Dawn says:

    I really need to try thriftbooks. But first I need to get my list down to a manageable number. ;)
    It sounds so awesome, though! I have a couple different friends who have used it, and they keep telling me I MUST use it. So I probably will sometime soon. :)

  3. Hannah E. says:

    I LOVE Thrift Books!!! It is totally amazing. =)

  4. Jada Morrison says:

    Yay for Converse! I finally found a like new pair at a thrift shop for under $10… in a great color too. They go great with skirts.

    • Ivy says:

      I know!!! I really love them. $10?!?!!? That’s so cool!!! I found 2 pair for my sister at a thrift store for that price, but I haven’t found any for myself. And yes, I love how versatile they are. Skirts, shorts, pants–you name it, they go!

  5. I’d say books are better than shoes any day. Except they aren’t very good for wearing on your feet. ;)

    I love used books. I took a look at thrifbooks. Looks like an addicting place.

    • Ivy says:

      I’d have to agree. But not all books are as adorable as Converse. :)

      You must try out Thriftbooks. MUST. It is awesome.

  6. I got my first book from Thrift Books just last week for less than five dollars, and it is in excellent condition!! I strongly suspect it will become my new addiction, soon. ;)

  7. Faith Potts says:

    OH MY GOODNESS, YES!!! I love Thriftbooks. :) I’ve spent…a lot of money there. :P

  8. Leona says:

    Cool! Thanks for letting us know!

    ~Leona G.

  9. Kate Willis says:

    Looks like a great site!!! Did you notice that the banner says “shoes” on it? ;)

  10. I’ve used ThriftBooks for awhile now, and LOVE it.

    Have you heard of PaperBackSwap? I feel like it’s something you might like ;)

  11. I’m also a bit obsessed with Thrift books…because I live in Japan it’s so hard to buy books at all in English, and shipping is so expensive… I still have to pay for shipping with Japan, but it’s still so much cheaper than buying from an online bookstore!

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