My New Money Dump

Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to go through phases of something I’m interested in that my ‘wild’ money gets funneled into. For a time it was thrift stores, then antique stores, and now it’s …

Well, it’s a few things right now.

At the moment, I’m mildly obsessed with Converse All Stars. Just mildly. Believe me, I know people who are CRAZY obsessed with them. Ahem anyway, one of the reasons I love them is that they are the perfect blend between sporty and trendy. And since I tend to lean toward the more casual side of dressing, they’re perfect. And I can wear them with skirts. But the MAIN reason I love them so much is because if I buy a half-size bigger and take out the insole, they fit my bulky, ugly foot orthotics (that not a lot of cute shoes can accommodate). They’re the perfect summer-weight shoe, and my orthotics fit. Win win all the way around

Back to what I was saying: I had some birthday money accumulating, so I decided to purchase another pair of said shoes (*only* my second pair, mind you). No biggie.

Fast forward a day.IMG_1987

I was introduced to this lovely website called by an friend who shall remain nameless. (You know who you are. ;-) ) Since the books were so awesomely inexpensive, and since I had some MORE birthday money to spend, I was able to buy 7 classics for under $20.

Umm, OK. Is this awesome or what?!?

Later that evening, I told my dad that I had found my new favorite money dump. He got this pained look on his face and said, “Converse shoes?”

I laughed at him.

If only I had THAT much money to spend on shoes with any amount of frequency.

No. ThriftBooks. It’s awesome. Seriously, go check it out. They don’t have a lot of newer books, but all the classics I needed were available and cheap. Can’t go wrong.


Have you gotten any books from ThriftBooks?


  1. Stefanie MacWilliams says:

    Don’t you just love finding a source of cheap, awesome books?! I am part of a mommy co op and we buy books from Bookdepot – my last order I believe was 30$ for 8 books which is GREAT in Canada because usually our shipping is crazy!

  2. Jesseca Dawn says:

    I really need to try thriftbooks. But first I need to get my list down to a manageable number. ;)
    It sounds so awesome, though! I have a couple different friends who have used it, and they keep telling me I MUST use it. So I probably will sometime soon. :)

  3. Jada Morrison says:

    Yay for Converse! I finally found a like new pair at a thrift shop for under $10… in a great color too. They go great with skirts.

    • Ivy says:

      I know!!! I really love them. $10?!?!!? That’s so cool!!! I found 2 pair for my sister at a thrift store for that price, but I haven’t found any for myself. And yes, I love how versatile they are. Skirts, shorts, pants–you name it, they go!

  4. Victoria Minks says:

    I’m also a bit obsessed with Thrift books…because I live in Japan it’s so hard to buy books at all in English, and shipping is so expensive… I still have to pay for shipping with Japan, but it’s still so much cheaper than buying from an online bookstore!

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