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May Wrap

I cannot believe that May is already over. Didn’t I just write one of these posts?!?

Letter to My Book



Goal: 8

Read: 9 (heh. Beat myself).




War in the Wasteland by Douglas Bond.

Defy by Tricia Mingerink

My own book (again. Kill the typos!)


*Squeee!!!!!!!* Those books were SO good!!! Well, I’m getting rather sick of reading mine, but the other two were absolutely fantastic.




This section should be titled “editing” this month. I pulled several late nights finishing applying my beta-reader’s comments before sending the book to my editor. Since my mother is a fellow night-owl, she comes in and takes photos of me while I’m working. So excuse the messy room. It was 2am and I had been working for 6 hours.



After eleven absolutely glorious days of NO MANUSCRIPT, during which I moaned and groaned and wandered about aimlessly not knowing what to do with myself. It was a serious problem. I didn’t want to dive into another project for a mere couple of days, but I was LOST without one! My family laughed at me. I laughed at me. I guess I depend on writing more than I thought. :)


IMG_1683When the manuscript returned from my editor, applied her comments and printed the monstrous thing to read out loud. (It helps me catch some of those little errors that are easily glossed over while reading on screen.) My mom asked if I could read it to her.




I hate reading out loud. I am embarrassed to share my stories with people in my family (don’t ask why though…I have no idea!!!) Enticing much willpower and summoning up a gargantuan amount of courage, I read out loud. To my mom.


We made it. I did it. The entire book in 3 days.




Yes, I am wearing two pairs of glasses.  Long story.




Well, some pretty exciting things happened this month blogging-wise. I  revealed the cover of my book. I wrote a letter to my book. I got to participate in Jaye L. Knight’s blog tour for Samara’s Peril. I opened sign-ups for MY OWN blog tour. SO MUCH AWESOMENESS!!!

Also, I realized that the post for my blog tour just happened to be my 100th post! How cool is that?!?

From other folk’s blogs:

This post from Chelsea Bontrager really struck me and made me think. I encourage you to check it out.




  1. Abi’s Martian Hospitality
  2. Hope’s Song of the Sword.
  3. Kendra’s Lady Dragon, Tela Du


They are all lovely books. I cannot wait until they are out in the world for all to see. :)





Ugh, lots of life this month. Not all so great, either, but hey…life never promises to be pretty.


  1. I am sick and tired of my book. There, I said it. I cannot wait to be done with this thing. Note to self (and to all of you who will be publishing): book needs to be completely ready to publish 2 MONTHS before release date. Take my word for it and spare yourself some sleep.


  1. I graduated high school. It wasn’t much of a big deal; I graduated on Friday, college classes started on Monday. :) Yes, I am going to have a party, but it will be in July when the weather is nicer for a day at the lake/backyard BBQ. We will be celebrating my graduation, my 18th birthday, and I will be getting baptized.


  1. As afore mentioned, I started college. It was a bit of a rocky start, seeing as I had all of three days to complete a week’s worth of assignments. And I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. BUT. I survived. :)


  1. The reason I had only three days to complete a week’s worth of assignments is because myIMG_3684 family took our very first camping trip of the year. We went with some close family friends for three days of fun, ATV riding, and fellowship in the mountains. And guess what? It rained. The entire time. (FYI, we have a nice cozy motorhome, and our friends had trailers, so everyone was dry and warm.) But honestly, I think it was one of my favorite camping trips ever. Maybe because I so desperately needed the break from work, technology, Wi-Fi, and cell service. Maybe because it was fun to have nothing better to do than play Dutch Blitz for hours. Maybe because I needed to be able to read for hours upon hours without feeling guilty for not doing something else. I don’t know…whatever it was, I had an absolute blast.

IMG_1652Oh, and since it was raining cats and dogs, my personality-twin brother and I decided that we may as well utilize the muddy puddles and go mud riding.

It. Was. Awesome.




  1. The day after arriving home from the soggy camping trip, ALL SIX of my siblings came down with Scarlet Fever. All of ‘em. I held out not catching it for three whole days. Annnndddd I then I got it. However, I was lucky enough to get the more adult version of it, called Rheumatic Fever. Also not fun, but at least I could still functioning like a normal human being.

Funny note—Clara gets Scarlet Fever in The Old River Road, so I was able to make sure I had everything accurate watching my poor siblings in agony for those few days. And I was better able to describe the horrid rash. :)



~Goals for next month~


  1. Get better.
  2. Survive college.
  3. Read 9 books.
  4. Plan and execute my next binge writing session. (Blog post forthcoming on that topic)
  5. Send out ARC’s of The Old River Road, order the proof copy, and organize the blog tour.
  6. DO THE VLOG!!!! (I haven’t forgotten about it! As long as my voice comes back and the Rheumatic Fever rash on my face goes away, I’ll film it this Saturday. Send any questions you might like me to answer by FRIDAY, June 3rd.)
  7. Get 20 followers. Y’all can help me with this one… :)





How was your May? How warm is it where you live? Have you ever had Scarlet Fever (or Rheumatic Fever)? Maple bar doughnuts or chocolate-iced crème-filled?


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16 responses to “May Wrap”

  1. Hope Ann says:

    You’re beta reading Lady Dragon, Tela Du! I must have missed the sign-up for that; not surprising since I’ve only recently been getting back into keeping up on other writer’s blogs. I beta read Water Princess, Fire Prince, and Lady Dragon, Tela Du looks interesting.

    • Ivy says:

      Kendra was very sneaky and hid the sign-up form. :) I remember you saying that you read WPFP. Lady Dragon, Tela Du is quite interesting already. :)

  2. Wow. Sounds like quite the month, Ivy! Nope, never had Scarlet Fever or Rheumatic Fever. Don’t think I’ll add it to my “want-to-do-someday” list either. ;) Hope you are ALL feeling better!

    Our weather has fluctuated between hot-humid-turn-th-AC-on, to cool and damp. We’ve had more rain these last few weeks or maybe this month, than we usually do.

    My May was busy. Homeschool conferences, babysitting my nephews and nieces, writing, blog posts, projects, music practice, times with friends. Yeah, I stayed busy. :)

    • Ivy says:

      It was quite a month! Good…I don’t recommend them. :) That kind of weather is so frustrating! I usually end up wearing shorts, fuzzy socks, and sweatshirts. :) Wow, you sound very busy! That’s good, though. I’d rather be busy than bored.

  3. Haha! Some of my characters get scarlet fever in my novel…hopefully, that won’t come true! =/ Thankfully, my parents are both medical…so they help me with the research on those topics. =) I hope you get better soon. <3

    And yes! You need to have the manuscript ready before you do any blog tours etc. That was tough. =P

    • Ivy says:

      What type of medical providers are your folks? My dad is a Nurse Practitioner (ARNP), and I use him as a resource frequently! :) It’s very nice to have a walking medical encyclopedia.

      • LOL…yeah, that’s very true! =)

        My dad is a family doctor in our little town. He loves his job. =) And my mom was a PA (physician’s assistant) before she had 9 kids and started homeschooling us. LOL. But she gets medical questions from all of her facebook friends…so her knowledge is still useful. ;)

        My oldest brother is a walking wikipedia…he has read most of their articles, I’m sure! Which is very helpful for information about historical things. He’s our family nerd (in a good way!!) =) Lol!

        I also wanted to comment on something that another one of your readers asked. I LOVE that your book has clean romance! That is a downfall of so many Christian books. It makes me so much more excited to read your novel!! =)

        • Ivy says:

          How cool! I’m trying to decide if I’m going to be a PA or and ARNP. Thank goodness I’ve got at least 3 years before I have to make that decision. :)

          It must be so wonderful to have an older brother–especially a nerdy one. :)

          Yes, Leona’s question was a great one. I can’t wait to do that post about my personal beliefs about romance in books. It’s so hard to find good books that are appropriate. But I think it’s possible to have sweet romance that is absolutely appropriate. I hope you enjoy my novel! :)

  4. Jada Morrison says:

    Aww, that’s too bad you got sick. 🙁 At least you could use it to help your book. I hope you feel better soon! I’m so excited for your book to be released!

  5. Jada Morrison says:

    Oh, and I know what you mean about your family hearing what you write! I’m the same way. I don’t exactly know why, but maybe it’s because you care so much what they think and are afraid of their possible disapporoval.

    • Ivy says:

      I think you’re exactly right. That’s a great way to say it. I certainly didn’t have anything to hide, yet I was was still super nervous to read it! :)

  6. Hannah E says:

    Sounds like such a fun month, Ivy! And that is funny that your character got scarlet fever as well.(not funny for you though!) I hope the things that happen to my characters don’t come true. :o :D

    I love how you do these posts!

    • Ivy says:

      Yes, I am hoping that this is the ONLY thing happening to my characters that also happens to me. I might not survive anything else. :)

      Aww, thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoy them!

  7. Wow, sounds like your month was crazy!! And congrats on starting college! I can’t imagine starting so soon after I graduate! What are you studying for?
    I so agree with you! The book MUST be ready early! Of course, I learned the hard way. I’ve got about 2 months to go … and nope. Not even close.
    Oh, camping sounds awesome!! I love camping!! What was it like driving you RV??? We have one, but I can’t imagine my dad letting me drive it!
    Aww, so sorry you guys all got sick!!! But yeah, at least you have good experience for writing about it. ;)

    • Ivy says:

      It was super crazy. :) But I lived!!!! :)

      Yeah, there wasn’t much time to breathe after finishing high school. It’s okay, though. I’m studying to be a nurse.

      I love camping, too! Driving the RV was super fun. I really loved it, but I’m weird that way. ;)

      Thanks for commenting!

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