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Matthew Wilson

Though Matthew is only three years old, he has lived through more trauma than any child should ever live through in a lifetime.


Matthew was born the son of an underground Christian pastor, but when his biological parents were informed that they were to be executed for practicing unlawful religion, Matthew’s mother left him, an eleven-month-old baby, in the bushes beside the Wilson’s home.  Still grieving the death of their youngest child, Chloe, the Wilson’s happily kept the baby boy and raised him as their own.

Matthew is an easy-going kid, and is able to fall asleep just about anywhere.  He does have a stubborn side though, and when that comes to light you’d better keep a close eye on him.  He thoroughly enjoys the lack of proper bathrooms while hiking north, and takes advantage of that whenever he can.  Matthew loves his older siblings and thinks the world of them.


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