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March Update/Review


Since December, I’ve been trying to finish the first draft of The Old River Road. Unfortunately, I ran into some historical inconsistencies that needed attention before I could continue/finish the story. After bugging extended family members, friends who knew the McDonald family, and taking several trips to the library and Spokane’s history museum, I am *almost* back on track.


Editing is rather slow with this book. I’ve really shirked in my duties to this poor little story over the past few months. As of Sunday, that changed. Now, my goal is to edit two chapters each day. That’s about an hour of work. I can do anything for an hour, right? Right. Tell me I can.


BTW, this is what NaNo does to me. I cannot remember the last time I confused two, to, and too. I’ve done it TWICE in this book.


Coming up in April is Camp NaNo. I was going to do another full 50,000 word project, but when I realized how far behind schedule I am with The Old River Road, that got pushed to the back burner. However, my goal is to do 25,000 words (though I’d be happy with 20,000). The project I will be working on is what I have been calling my Secret Story.




It’s not a secret anymore because I’m going to tell you about it RIGHT NOW!!!! :-)


Here is the blurb (and a draft of the cover):


1Chelsea is the daughter of Ralph Sanders, a respected crab fisherman and the much loved captain of the vessel Cora Lee. Named after her deceased mother, Chelsea feels a connection with the boat, and with the ocean, that no one but her dad can understand. When a sudden, unexpected proposal from her maternal grandparents sends Chelsea far inland, she fights with her desire to return home…to her dad, cousins, and everything she knows. But after taking a closer look, Chelsea realizes that though her grandparents are wealthy and not wanting of any worldly goods, they have not yet let go of death of their daughter, though she died sixteen years previous. Pulling away from self-pity, Chelsea reaches out to her grandparents and help them heal despite their obvious annoyance. Will Chelsea be able to help her grandparents move on in their lives? Or will their exasperating, constant mentions of Cora drive Chelsea away?


Already, Ocean Hues has 26,000 words, so it shouldn’t be too hard to resume. (Starting books is always the worst part for me.)


Also, I purchased a new word processing program called Storyist. Apparently, one must be a techy geek to figure this program out. It’s been rather maddening, but as I’ve slowly been understanding and working through the program, I think it is going to work very well for me. One thing I love about it is the ability to keep all my random papers and notes in one document/project. Maybe, eventually *crosses fingers*  it will actually make it so that I don’t have random pieces of paper spread all over the house with random notes written on them! ;-) (Doubtful, but one can hope, right?)

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 11.12.27 PM


Something else new is this beautiful new computer monitor. It is amazing. I can now sit at my desk and work with Adobe, read onscreen, and do schoolwork on this blown-up version of my laptop. All I have to do is connect the two computers and there we go…laptop expanded. It’s awesomeness.




One of my sweet, lovely siblings came into my room and STOLE my desk chair. :-(  Well…they were given permission from mom to steal it, so I guess that makes it better. Still, I’m out a comfy desk chair, and now I’ve got to find a new one that won’t fall apart when I spin around in it. After all, isn’t that the only thing desk chairs are good for?


I’ve read so many lovely books this month. Just to name a few, From the Dark to the Dawn by Alicia Willis, Dare and Deny by Tricia Mingerink (and oh my goodness get ready for a RAVING review on EACH of these books), The Little House Charlotte Years, Adventures and Adversities by Sarah Holman…I could go on and on. One of the best times I found to read was the 3-hours-3-times-a-week driver’s Ed class for my BABY brother.

IMG_1368Notice the hair tie? Not for hair. Perfect bookmark.



Soooo….that update was probably much more involved than you would have wished but hey…

Is anyone else participating in Camp NaNo? What have you been working on? Tell me tell me…I love getting comments! It’s like candy, finding a comment in the comment box. Come on…you’ll give me some virtual candy, right?!? *gets down on knees and begs*


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6 responses to “March Update/Review”

  1. I have never done NANo before though I have thought about it a few times. Right now I have way too many projects to think about starting another book. ;) (Especially since I have a feeling that I’ve already accidentally started 2 other books. I’m not telling what!)

    You’re “secret” story sounds interesting.
    Have fun editing! :)

    • Ivy says:

      NaNo works well for me…having a self-induced deadline, and when there is a sad face on the computer when I don’t meet my daily goal…it’s a good incentive. :) Oooh, two new books! I can’t wait to hear about them!

      Thanks. I will try very hard to enjoy it. :)

  2. Abi Ellison says:

    Ocean Hues sounds awesome! And I am so excited to be getting more of The Old River Road :D

    Out of curiosity, how on earth does drafting a cover work? I’ve yet to make it that far.

    I’m waiting to give Camp NaNo a try until July (or whenever the next one is). I really need to focus on editing for me and other people :D

    • Ivy says:

      Oh, I’m so glad you’re excited about TORR. I was so worried that it was boring! :)

      That cover I made with Canva.com. They have a pretty easy-to-use drag-and-drop format. I doubt I’ll ever use any of the covers I’ve made…I’ll let a pro do it. It’s just nice to have a face for each book. :)

      You’ll love NaNo! It’s awesome.

  3. Jesseca Dawn says:

    Yeah, editing is not fun. I have a very dear friend who does her best to make me edit. She does a pretty good job, too. I honestly wouldn’t get a lot of editing done without her. :P

    I read your post about “Old River Road”, and I’m excited for June to come! I think it’s really neat that you’re writing a story based on the lives of someone in your family. And that your taking the time to write it down. That would be a lot of work, but I bet it’s so worth it!

    I’ve done NaNo in November before, but I’ve never done any of the camps. I know we’ll be too busy this month, but I’ve thought about trying it in July. :)

    • Ivy says:

      Oooh, how nice to have such a persistent friend. :) I need one of those. My writer friends are too kind…I need a pushy one. :)

      I’m glad you enjoyed the last post about TORR. It is/has been a mountainous amount of work to write this story, especially with all the research. But it has been so rewarding. I cannot wait to share it with the world!

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