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Letter to My Book // Left to Die

Last year, I was inspired by Katie Grace and her fantastic letter to her novel. I wrote a letter to my first book, The Old River Road. It was such grand fun that I did it again with Left to Die. Perhaps this will become a habit of mine???


Dear Left to Die,

Never, ever, ever has a book come together so fast. YOU WERE SO EASY! Too easy. Easy enough I was afraid you would be one of those horrible hidden-away-forever manuscripts. Two weeks is all it took to get the rough draft down. Two weeks.

You, my beauty, go down in the record book as fastest, easiest book ever. Less than six months from first draft to publication. Yes, it did help that you were less than 3o,000 words. That makes all things easier.

On the more serious note, you forced me to look into the “what if’s” of my own beloved sister’s story. To imagine what could have happened to her. To mingle personal experience, what I learned from books, and what I’ve heard from missionaries, and imagination. More so, you forced me to do things I didn’t want to do. Forced me to remember things I wanted to forget. Forced me to search a part of myself I wanted to leave alone.

But it was worth it. Well worth it. The response to you–to the story you tell–has been incredible. Yes, it is true that some are put off by the intensity of the story you tell. But that’s not your problem. Already, God is using you to do amazing things. I can’t wait to watch and see what happens over the next few years.


your author


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  1. Ah, so sweet. :) Enjoyed reading this.

  2. That’s lovely, Ivy! I’m eagerly waiting for my paperback copy to arrive so I can share this treasure with my friends! Thank you for being willing to write this story.

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