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Leslie Wilson

Leslie…she’s so specific, I’ve had a very difficult time finding a photo of her that matches what I’ve made her out to be.  Still, I haven’t found the perfect match, but here are some that are close.


Girl on the left

The Wilson’s have known the Nickly’s for ten years, first meeting at an underground church when Leslie was eight and Callie was four.  The two families felt an instant bond and have been fast friends ever since.

Leslie is eighteen years old, and the oldest child in her family. Endless years of heartache have hardened and strengthened Leslie, but not so much to put a damper on her gentle, loving spirit.  Leslie deeply cares for her siblings and friends, and constantly fears for their safety.  More than once, she is willing to sacrifice her own safety for theirs

Leslie wins everyone’s affections with a firm hand and forgiving heart.  She and her younger brother Tim are a great team and can practically read each others mind…Callie calls it “eye language.”

833233793ae0e837017bc05ea4d4c624One can’t get any sweeter or kinder than Leslie, but mess with one of her siblings or friends, and suddenly she becomes a tiger…with claws.  She’s the perfect big sister, and the perfect friend.

Leslie possesses unwavering faith even in the most dire circumstances.  Not only that, but she is able to encourage others for Christ even when the situation is less than ideal.


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