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Jesse Jenson

Jesse was seven years old when his parents were arrested for unlawful religion and their house was burned. He and his four-year-old sister, Violet, hid in a barrel behind their house for days…until the Nickly and Wilson children, traveling through the area on their way to Canada, stumbled upon the frightened, traumatized, starving siblings.  With no relatives to speak of, no place to hide, and not being old enough to fend for themselves, none of the older children could think of leaving them behind.  The decision to add the children to their little troupe and bring them to Canada was unanimous.


Jesse is soft-spoken and gentle, enjoying hugs and cuddles.  He’s mature for his age, and very protective of his little sister, Violet.  Jesse doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and is very much a follower.  He loves trailing behind the big boys and helping out as much as he can.


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