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Jeremy and Stacy Anderson

These two…wow.  They started out as very insignificant characters, but slowly crept up the ranks to main-secondary characters.  That’s okay though!  I like these two a lot and hope you will, also.


Stacy’s growing-up years were full of abuse and terror, and her late-teen young-adult years weren’t any better.  Knowing that there was more to life than what all the other people her age were ‘enjoying’, Stacy kept her eyes and ears open for a different way of life.  Mercifully, a young friend led Stacy to Christ, and Stacy completely turned her life around for the better.
Jeremy’s childhood was better than Stacy’s, but not by much.  Though he didn’t experience physical abuse, the emotional abuse was enough to almost ruin him.  Jeremy became a Believer because of a brave college buddy, and this friend told Jeremy about a home church that met late at night so the Muslims wouldn’t catch the Believers worshiping.   Jeremy, though scared to death, agreed to attend.  At the meeting, he met a remarkable young woman named Stacy, who humbly told a few of the Believers her salvation story.  He knew that if this young woman, who came from a pious Muslim family, was willing to change her life and throw herself into danger of death or worse, she must be either completely insane or committed to truth.

Even though multiple months of hardships, trials, and persecution made it so that they weren’t able to see each other often,  it wasn’t long before Jeremy and Stacy were standing in the darkened basement of that home church, standing in front of that same pastor, saying ‘I do’.
That’s their back-story, but none of that happens in the book (I mean, it is mentioned, but only as back-story).  I can’t tell you what role they play in the book because to do so I’d have to give a lot of the book away. :)  So sorry.

These are the last characters I will be introducing.  There are lots more characters, but if I introduced every single one of them it would take a VERY LONG while.  :)


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  1. Hope says:

    Love these two! ;)

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