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I’m Back!

Hello bloggy friends!!!

I hope you are doing well this fine August morning.  Taking a break from blogging turned out to be the best thing for me…I had an EXPLOSION of ideas for posts!  You can look forward to author interviews, book reviews, general life posts, writing updates…I’m so excited to share them with you!

For my first post back, I am absolutely over the roof excited to tell you something that’s kind of a big deal.  I typically don’t share my WIP novels with anybody except my family and very close friends.  But this book is an exception.  Mostly because I need people praying for the Lord to give me patience and perseverance as I work on this book!  :)


I don’t have much written yet, not even a summary to share with you, but I’ll TELL you a little about Clara’s Story.

Clara McDonald, my great-great-grandma, lived in Chicago until she was twenty-six years old, when her husband developed severe asthma and was given three months to live.  Taking the advice of his doctor, William left Chicago and its moist, un-clean air, and boarded a train for Spokane, Washington, leaving Clara and their two young children in Chicago.  Inside of a month, Clara received a letter from her husband saying that he loved the west and wanted her and the children to come join him.

For their first two years out west, William and Clara lived and farmed on Wild Rose Prairie.  For two young city slickers who literally didn’t know how to chop wood, the McDonald’s first few years in Washington were filled with surprises, injuries, and tragedy. After two years on Wild Rose Prairie, William and Clara moved to the banks of the Spokane River, and over the years proved up on 2 homesteads.

Clara’s life is an amazing story of endurance, perseverance, and faith. Any woman who can move from Chicago to Spokane, raise nine children, and prove up on two homesteads is either completely crazy or has incredible faith.  There is no doubt in my mind that Clara had the latter.

(Fun fact; My family still lives on one of those original homesteads, on the banks of the flooded Spokane River, now called Long Lake.)

More posts abut Clara’s Story coming soon!

I’m happy to be back! :)



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  1. Okay, you’ve gotten me excited! I love history, especially family history! I’ve been compiling letters my grandma wrote to her mom from the time she was married until shortly after I was born. Right now I have three books each covering a decade. They’ve been such fun! And I’ve added pictures from the years too. So this new project of yours sounds super fun!

    • Ivy says:

      Thanks Rebekah! I’ve gotten myself excited, too! :) Your grandma’s letters sound so interesting. Will you ever publish them? I’d be VERY interested in reading them if you do. :)

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