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I Told Myself Not To

Before we left on vacation, I sat myself down and had a talk with me. I told meself that I had enough writing to do and by no means did I need any new ideas for a story.

Apparently, I didn’t listen.

I came back with an entire new story planned out in detail and the writing already begun.

Why don’t I ever listen to myself?


Anyway, I am very excited about this new story, and it’s coming along very well. I’m not going to tell you what it’s about yet, but here’s a hint: It has to do with the ocean.

Here are some photos I found on pinterest to go along with the story.


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  1. Well, don’t feel too bad, I don’t listen to myself either sometimes. :P It’s kind of sad too. I mean, if I’d just listen and follow my own advise about not starting something else new, I know I’d be getting other things done. But no, I have to go and do what I said I shouldn’t do. :P But then again, if I hadn’t, this story that’s almost written wouldn’t have been written. :)

    So, there is a positive side. :)

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