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Guest Post: Last Minute Gifts by Victoria Lynn



Hey guys! Here’s a little Christmas surprise– a guest post from one of my sweetest friends!!! Hope you enjoy it!




Hello everyone! My name is Victoria Lynn and I blog over at Ruffles and Grace. I am so excited to be here! I adore Ivy and am so happy that she asked me to do this post! So, as of right now, Christmas is about a week and a half away. . . SAY WHAT?

If you are anything like me, you might be panicking realizing that you didn’t get as many gifts taken care of as you had thought. Well, I am here to help! I have compiled a list below of some websites below to help out with last minute Christmas shopping that won’t break the bank!



I know this seems like a no brainer, but you can seriously find some awesome, affordable gifts on here. I like to turn to this website especially for the guys since they have some affordable electronics and also clothing such as ties, hats, and other fun novelty things your fella’s might appreciate. And toys for littler kids are always a great options as well.


Christian Book Distributers


This site has lots of book options, but it also has some other things too. Dvd’s, movies, music, books and audio dramas would all make great Christmas gifts. For several years in a row, my grandparents gifted our family with seasons of Little House on the Prairie. It was epic, awesome and they got them from this site.



This site has some fabulous gift ideas. And here is the coolest part, you can customize a lot of the options. Monogrammed mugs are something that I think makes a great gift, especially if you have no idea what to get that person. They have such awesome and adorable designs, suitable for both girls and guys. I did a bit of Christmas shopping on this site myself and they almost always are running some sort of sale. Especially right now before the holidays. They also have customizable clothing, home goods (monogrammed pillows anyone?) Just some awesome cool stuff! Be sure to check them out!



If you are someone who doesn’t mind spending an extra penny to have a unique and handmade gift, Etsy will be the perfect option for you! The creators on Etsy are really amazing and you can find almost anything these days!



This website is again, a little more pricey, but these gifts are priceless. Their books are gorgeous and the company has a mission statement of providing books that encourage and teach great character qualities. I own several of these books and they would make an incredibly meaningful gift. Lamplighter’s audio dramas are also amazing and would make great gifts. They make car rides so enjoyable!


Something else that would make a great gift is their Book and Audio Club. You can sign up to receive a book or audio theatre of your choice each month. A year subscription or even a few months of this would make an awesome family gift!




There you have it! Some of my top picks for last minute Christmas shopping!

Which website looks the coolest to you?

By God’s Grace,



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