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Final Week of NaNo 2015


I can hardly believe it…NaNo is drawing to a close! It seems completely surreal that an entire month has gone past, yet at the same time it went by too fast. (Fellow NaNoers will know what I mean). ;).

By God’s grace and against all odds (multiple illnesses, windstorms, etc) I have been able to keep my word count where it needs to be. As of now, the most words I’ve written in one day is 4,500, and the fewest words has been 316. As arrogant as this sounds, I’m pleased with myself for keeping up and not letting the 50,000 word goal smush my productivity. :)

As of now, I have 43,000 words. This story has been so much work and far more difficult than the all-fiction novels I have written. I’ve read through a few sections that I wrote towards the beginning of the month, and was able to get through and entire chapter without wanting to vomit, so that’s a good sign, right? :) The quality of my writing definitely suffers with speed, but I think editing will be my best friend. We shall see.

And now, coming into the last 5 days of NaNo, I give myself a big slap on the back and, Lord willing, will make the 50,000 goal!



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  1. Way to go! I’ve never written that much in one day! Last week I broke my record and wrote 11,100 words in a week, but I’ve never written even 3,000 words in a day.
    Hopefully you can finish strong, and then you get to edit. :)

  2. Pam McDonald says:

    Ivy Rose way to go I can’t wait to read Clara’s story. She had to be an amazing woman, one, I can for sure learn from.
    So proud of you.

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