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Defy by Tricia Mingerink Blog Tour



The war for Acktar has begun.

With his betrayal revealed, former Blade Leith Torren flees into the Sheered Rock Hills, pursued by King Respen’s vengeful Blades.

Left behind at Nalgar Castle, Renna Faythe tries to find her purpose, yet that purpose isn’t what she expected.

Brandi Faythe has been torn from her sister, and that isn’t all right. If Leith can’t rescue Renna, Brandi will take matters into her own hands.

War demands sacrifice. Courage falters. Who will find the strength to defy King Respen?

Acktar rests on one hope:

The Leader is ready.



My Review of Defy:

I am almost glad that I didn’t hear about Dare and Deny until March of this year. Had I heard about them any earlier, I might have pulled all of my hair out waiting for Defy. I had high expectations, and it didn’t disappoint! So many things happen—I think my heart got trampled into a million pieces. But oh! It’s SO good!!!!!


Plot/Storyline: 5/5

I love the story. It really can’t get much better. There was a lot of growth of our favorite characters in this book, which was fun to witness (some of the growth did feel like FINALLY!!!). :)


Characters: 5/5

The characters are awesome; their awesomeness just grew in this book. And I love Jamie. He’s just so…adorable. I love how protective he is of Brandi.


Writing: 4/5

The first 5-ish chapters felt a bit rough and choppy. It smoothed out after that, though, and was absolutely fabulous.


Dialogue: 5/5

The way Tricia does dialogue is so unique and interesting. It’s like you’re really there, hearing every lilting tone and seeing every cocked eyebrow. I love it!


Want-to-read-ability: 5/5

Lots of twists and turns in the book that I wasn’t expecting—I was glued to the Kindle. It was so good! Lots of fangirl squealing happened while reading. :)


Interview with Tricia!


  1. What is something that writing has taught you?

How to graciously accept criticism. It is very easy to get defensive when someone either doesn’t like something in your book or gives you pointers or finds mistakes. I’ve learned to bite my tongue and listen.


  1. Has writing brought you closer to the Lord? If so, how?

Yes, it has. I spend a lot of time pondering the same questions and tough decisions that my characters do.


It has also helped me depend more on God. Each book is written through a lot of tears and prayers, especially when the draft isn’t working or the spiritual questions in the book are also spiritually draining for me.


  1. How do you get through the ‘low points’ in writing?

Prayer. Lots and lots of prayer. I have several really great writing friends who are really good about praying for each other. Whenever I’m in a tough spot, I know I can ask them for prayers.


My sister-in-law also is a big help. She listens to me whine and complain when my characters aren’t behaving or my plot isn’t working.


  1. What was the hardest thing about writing Defy?

Honestly, Defy didn’t have much of a hard spot. The first draft was a dream to write. The edits were fairly easy. As usual, it took three drafts to get the characters to feel real instead of flat, but it only took three drafts, not six like Deny.


The scariest part about Defy is releasing it into the world. I love the book so much that it is hard to let it go. I’m worried that less than stellar reviews of this book will bother me more than they have on Dare or Deny.


  1. What is your advice to aspiring authors?

Keep writing. I know that sounds cliché and it’s what every writer says, but it’s true. Don’t push yourself to publish before you’re ready. Keep writing simply for the joy of writing. Publication will come.



About the Author

dsc09457-2Tricia Mingerink is a twenty-something, book-loving, horse-riding country girl. She lives in Michigan with her family and their pack of pets. When she isn’t writing, she can be found pursuing backwoods adventures across the country.

You can connect with her on Facebook, Pinterest, Goodreads, Twitter, Instagram, and her blog.






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