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Crater Lake, OR

Greetings from sunny California!

My family and I are on a two-week vacation from our home in Washington.  We’re going down South, stopping at lovely places as we loop down into Oregon, California, then back into Washington.

We’ve been on the road for six days now. So far, we’ve seen lava fields and tubes (Oregon…can’t remember the details on that one), Crater Lake (Oregon), and gotten a small taste of the Redwood forest (California). Seeing the beauty of God’s creation in such HUGE displays is absolutely incredible.

I have very limited internet connections while we travel, so here are just a few of my favorite photos from Crater Lake. LOTS more coming when we have a stronger connection.



IMG_8018 IMG_8142 IMG_8060 IMG_8132

This one (above) is my favorite. :)




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  1. Those are beautiful pictures! That blue is incredible!

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