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Callie Nickly

I am so excited to introduce my characters to you!  I love reading other writer’s blogs and my favorite part is when they use photos and introduce their characters one by one.  It adds so much life to each character!  I hope all of you enjoy this as well…I will be posting one character every week, and I’ve got several characters I want you to meet, so this could take awhile.  :)


Callie’s family has been living undercover since she was born, hiding from the Islamized American government.  Her parents are devout Christians, which makes trouble for the whole family.  Callie and her siblings spent much of their childhood years hiding in closets or playing in darkened basements.  Callie is fourteen when her parents are arrested in the night and the authorities searched every corner of their home, forcing Callie and her two siblings to flee for their lives.  Confused, scared, and upset, Callie desperately wonders why God allows such wretched things to happen.  You have to read the book to find out what happens after that. :)

Callie is fourteen years old, the oldest in her family.  She loves being outdoors and getting dirty, and has a difficult time sitting still for anything.  Outspoken and active, Callie often finds herself in trouble by acting before thinking through the consequences.  Callie does enjoy the finer things of life and would like nothing more than to spend all day curled up reading a book.  Though even she doesn’t know it, Callie has a show-stopping singing voice.


Callie is the main-main character.  She is the focal point of the entire trilogy.  She hasn’t been an easy character to create, but I think that finally all of her flaws and positive traits are coming together into a believable character.  :)


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