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Brianna Nickly

At ten years old, Bree is the youngest Nickly child.  She and Callie get along well, though Bree shares her brother’s quiet personality more than her sister’s boisterous one.  Bree is perfectly content to play with her baby dolls for long periods of time.  Patient and loving, Bree will read the same book twenty times to a toddler without getting irritated.


Bree is affectionate, a hard thinker, an encourager, an expert at making fires.  Even though she is the baby of the family, Bree is far more mature than other ten year olds.  She misses her parents more than she lets on, but is always willing to lend a helping hand.


Child on the left

Bree was a character that came on the scene not too long ago.  Originally, Callie was an only child.  :)  I’m glad that Bree and Justin found their place in the story, though.  They’re fun characters to work with.


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