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Book Review / / Unraveling by Sara Ella

You’ve all heard me rave about Unblemished on more than one occasion, as well as squeal about the coming of this epic beauty. And now it’s here!!!! This is the FIRST book I’ve ever pre-ordered, and I’m SOOOOO glad!!!!


To be honest, I enjoyed Unraveling a lot more than Unblemished. I was a lot less confused, the story was easier to follow… and it was SOOOOO complex!!!! *dies* I so enjoyed the COMPLETELY unexpected plot twist. Also, El was a lot easier to connect with in this book. The emotions were a lot more real and raw for everyone. And this book made me love Ky so much more. I wasn’t too keen on him in Unblemished, but now that I know him a little better–yep. He’s awesome. <3  Something I didn’t like so much about the book was that the first half seemed kinda slow. However, at the halfway mark it picked up speed and I was hooked for the remainder.

And the cover?!? *squeals* It’s just as beautiful as I anticipated!!!!!! The colors are so vibrant, there are so many different little tiny details…I could stare at it forever. *heart eyes*

This series is well worth the read. It’s a completely different kind of adventure in a genre that I don’t usually read, but I LOVED it!!!



Have you read Unblemished or Unraveling? What did you think???


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