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My Best Shot at the Hated “Resolutions” Thing


As the title suggests, I GREATLY DESPISE New Year’s resolutions. Why make a gigantic list of things I’ll never even look at again much less complete and end up feeling like a total and complete failure at the end of the year?????? I mean, SERIOUSLY. This is an exercise in insanity.

At the same time, having goals, REASONABLE goals, is important. It’s good to have a place to be, otherwise I just sit spinning my wheels and going nowhere. So after much whining and groaning and consideration, I’ve come up with some goals that I think are completely reasonable and very broken down so they feel not so massive.

This is where you all come in. I’m telling you what my goals are so you can keep me accountable!



1. Establish a solid morning routine. My schedule for these next few months is going to be insane with non-typical working hours, part-time school, and writing. If I can take away some stress every day by doing the SAME EXACT THING each and every morning, I have hopes it will make the crazy days more bearable.

2. Establish a solid nighttime routine. Doing this for the same reasons as above. Also, I struggle quite a bit with insomnia so I’m crossing my fingers that having a regimented routine will help my brain shut down and sleep.

3. Work on mental toughness. This may sound weird, and it probably is, but mental toughness is SO COOL and so amazing and I want to have some of it. I’ve always wanted to be a “strong” person, and for the longest time I thought that meant insane physical strength. 2017 taught me that my body just isn’t capable of that type of strength, and that’s okay! So now, I want to focus on getting my brain strong and learning more about that.



1. Finish a book! For goodness sake, I have so many novels started and a good amount of them finished, but that last little bit is so hard. I REALLY want to finish at least one of my current WIP’s, if not two. (Maybe even publish them… ;) )

2. Step up the marketing game. I’m not sure what this will look like yet, though I’m thinking along the lines of guest posting on other blogs a whole lot more, entering my books into contests, doing some craft fairs/events, and attending more writing conferences. If you have any ideas on how I can get my name out there, let me know!

3. Be intentional with my writing time. A lot of things are changing for me this year, including a full time job, part time school, which leaves very little time for writing. But I don’t want to let my writing slip! I love creating, I love crafting, but I’m a self-accused procrastinator like I’ve never seen before in my life. With the limited time I have to write, I’m determined to make the most of it by being intentional.



1. Read 70 books. This kind of ties into my morning and night routines, as I’m MAKING time to read in those. I want to read for an hour a day (minimum) so hopefully this goal will keep me focused and on the right track.

2. Read 10 nonfiction books. This shouldn’t be too difficult as there are already quite a few nonfictions I’m super excited about reading, but….we shall see.



I have a couple other goals, such as educational and physical, but those are pretty minor. Basically I don’t want to go into debt and I want to be able to run again. :D Priorities, right??? XD




What’s a goal you have for 2018?

How can I help you stay on track?





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3 responses to “My Best Shot at the Hated “Resolutions” Thing”

  1. Ryana Lynn says:

    I know what you mean by setting goals rather than resolutions! I do the same thing. I too am hoping to publish at least one book, but I am hoping for two.

    You probably have done this, but one way to get your name out there is to have a book signing at your local library and get it advertised in local papers. It has helped me a lot. And if you get fan mail, no matter how short, try to send them a reply. You probably already know this stuff, but just thought I would mention it.

    Btw, I love your blog ! I found it about 2 years ago and I really enjoy it! I especially loved your article on romance in writing. I don’t read romance novels, but do enjoy a clean relationship in a story. Your insights were wonderful.

    God bless and have a wonderful day!
    Ryana Lynn
    Jude 22

    • Ivy says:

      Yay for published books! I can’t wait to see what this year holds in that regard for me–my goal is one, but but I’m really hoping for two!

      Those are great ideas. Thanks so much!

      Awwww, thank you!!! *hugs* That romance article has been my most popular one to date, which is super exciting. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it so much. Hope to see you around the blog more!

  2. Kellyn Roth says:

    Lovely resolutions, Ivy! It’s funny because my mom was like, “What does Ivy do?” and I was like, “Lots of stuff … more stuff than me …” and there ya go proving me right! ;) Good luck with the full-time job and part-time school! I can’t imagine!

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