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Behind the Scenes Writers Tag

My friend Hope tagged me to answer this awesome list of questions. I hope you enjoy it!


– Is there a certain snack you like to eat while writing?

Chocolate! Dark chocolate, milk chocolate…anything chocolate.


– When do you normally write? Night, afternoon, or morning?

I write whenever I get a chance, but my best writing hours are 7pm to 1am.


– Where do you write?

Anywhere I can. My preferred spot is on my bed…comfy, cozy, and quiet. :)


– How often do you write a new novel?

*Sheepish grin*  WWWAAAAYYYY more often than I should. A couple times a year I start a new one. :)


– Do you listen to music while you write?

Yes. Classical piano (mostly hymns).


– What do you write on? Laptop or paper?



– Is there a special ritual you have before or after you write?

Turning on my music, making sure all my daily tasks are complete, and I’m trying to include having a short prayer time.


– What is always near the place you write?

Typically my cell phone for music, chocolate, and sometimes hand-written notes.


– Do you have a reward system for your word count?

No. I try not to have a word count goal.


– Is there anything about your writing process that others might not know about?

Hmmm…I get distracted quite easily. ;) Writing the first draft is my favorite part of the writing process…editing is my enemy.



I’m tagging Rebekah Morris


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  1. Thanks for the tag, Ivy. It sounds fun. I look forward to answering these questions myself. :)

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