Honesty in stories. Truth in words.

About Me


Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere! I’m Ivy Rose, and this blog is the hub for my adventures in writing, authorship, and all things bookish.


It’s really hard to tell all the important things about oneself in a few paragraphs–EVERYONE knows how agonizing bios are to write. I’m incredibly good at rambling, in vlogs, blog posts, in speech … I had hoped to outgrow that long before 19, but nope. As one of those sunshine-and-lollipop types of person (the obnoxious ENFP) I love smiling, laughing, and talking to anyone who will listen. And dancing. (Not formally, just–dancing. You know, music comes on, start dancing? Yeah. That kind.) :-)


Writing stories and obsessing over fictional characters is my #1 hobby. I have independently published two novels, and though I will continue to do so, I am currently looking into traditionally publishing a few of my novels. *gasp*


Reading is one of my favorite pastimes, though my TBR pile grows seemingly by the day and threatens to eat me in my sleep. I recently had to buy more bookshelves as my original one nearly tipped over it was so full. (see?? TBR really did try to kill me)


I’m a musician, and play multiple instruments, though fiddle is my favorite. Spotify and Amazon Music are my favorite apps ever, and music is almost always playing in my room. Random dance parties (especially in parking lots) or singing along at the top of my lungs are just the BEST.


As a young adult battling multiple chronic illnesses, I’m passionate about raising awareness for invisible illnesses and spreading joy. Just because my body doesn’t work like everyone else’s doesn’t mean I don’t love living! I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (type 3/Hypermobility), hemophilia, asthma, tachycardia, gastrointestinal disorders, and hypothyroidism. However, being sick takes up only part of my life. I want to show how amazingly blessed and happy I am, even living with chronic illnesses. (check out this post, where I talk about EDS.)


-My Favorites-


This is agony. But since it is a very frequently asked question…I will answer. (and pout)

-Fantasy: The Ilyon Chronicles by Jaye L. Knight, The Blades of Acktar by Tricia Mingerink

-Historical: Love Comes Softly (series) by Janette Oke, A Penny Parcel by Avery E. Hitch,

-Contemporary: A Thousand Tomorrows by Karen Kingsbury, Even Now by Karen Kingsbury

-Writing Craft: The Snowflake Method by Randy Ingermanson, Rivet Your Readers with Deep POV by Jill Elizabeth Nelson, The Emotion Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi

Non-Fiction: Live Original by Sadie Robertson, Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis, Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend



I don’t watch a ton of movies and have the attention span of a gnat so I usually don’t watch an entire movie anyway? (i know i’m so weird)

Spiderman, Homecoming (okay I think this is my favorite Marvel movie to date. Also #TeamCap)

How to Train Your Dragon. Cuz Toothless. And Astrid. And…everything.

The Sound of Music. I grew up on this movie and always wanted to be a VonTrapp. Never happened, but it got pretty close when my family started performing together.


TV shows

Again, I don’t watch a lot of TV. It takes me FOREVER to get through a TV series, but I prefer TV shows to movies.

Call the Midwife (BBC). Yeah, it’s a little dramatic, just like any good TV show. But I LOVEEEEE the history! (also I wanted to be a midwife for a long time…)

Downton Abbey (BBC). Okay so maybe I have a thing for British TV series?

Heartland (CBC). It’s been my dream forever to have a horse. To have a ranch. And since that is likely to never happen, this is the PERFECT compromise. (Eleven seasons so far?!?) Also, the CHARACTERS.



This is really hard because I like certain songs, not necessarily certain groups. But there are a few groups I absolutely adore.

Home Free. They’re definitely number one in my book. The entirely acapella, tight harmonies, totally countrified sound–I’m sold.

Alabama. Okay, so my parents love Country music. Guess what I grew up on? And I don’t mind a bit. I LOVE old country.

Anthem Lights. These guys are incredible. Not only do they keep up with the modern stuff (Taylor Swift and One Direction), they do phenomenal hymns that are sure to send goosebumps all over you.



Other Randomness:

Food: steak, apples, soups, Italian, Chinese, (no Mexican–tacos are a no-go), cherry pie, chocolate.

Drink: coffee, tea, water (I actually like this stuff surprisingly well)

Sports: To watch: basketball, football. To play: volleyball, ultimate frisbee, catch, TaeKwonDo (I’m a black belt but shhhhh), shooting sports



My boring, long, very “official” bio:

Ivy Rose is coffee-drinking country girl who stays up way too late wrapped in fuzzy blankets working through stacks of books while nibbling on chocolate. She is one of those bizarre authors who enjoys tormenting her characters and then crying along with them. In addition to writing tear-inducing books, another talent is tripping over objects that don’t exist. Sitting still has never been easy for this adventurer, but when it must happen, trust that she will be kneading away at a handful of Silly Putty. She is slightly addicted to Converse and owns more colors than she needs—but who’s looking? Beware giving this music lover new songs to listen to; she is known to burst into song at random times with random songs, though selections from Home Free and The Sound of Music are the most likely to wreak havoc on nearby ears. When she’s not hard at work studying or typing away at a novel, she can be found fiddling her heart out on her old German violin.